Patching an Old HVAC System
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Patching an Old HVAC System

When I married my husband ten years ago, I reluctantly agreed to move into the older brick home he already owned. I knew the house was outdated. Unfortunately, I didn’t have any experience renovating an older place. Immediately, I noticed the old central air conditioning unit in the home. After thoroughly inspecting the equipment, I was afraid the ancient unit wouldn’t make it through my first summer in my new place. Thankfully, I was wrong. After ten years, this same air conditioning system is still running smoothly. However, it has received some diligent care from a reputable HVAC contractor over the years. On this blog, you will discover the ways an HVAC contractor can restore an older air conditioning unit.


Patching an Old HVAC System

  • 3 Smells Coming From Your Air Conditioning That You Should Not Ignore

    24 October 2018

    When things don't smell right, chances are, things aren't right. When your home's air conditioning system kicks on, you shouldn't experience anything more than the feel of clean, refreshing cool air – if your sense of smell is triggered, there's something wrong. Here, you'll find a few things that could be causing your home's air conditioning to smell terribly. Musty, Mildew, Or Moldy Odors When moisture finds its way into the HVAC system, things can become stinky pretty quickly.

  • Single Package Vertical AC Units: A Simple Explanation For A Complex-Sounding Appliance

    23 September 2018

    It is a mouthful to say; single package vertical AC unit. What does that even mean? You know it has something to do with air conditioning, but what, exactly, is it? If you consult with a single package vertical A/C unit supplier, you would probably get an explanation that goes something like this. Single Package This phrase does not refer to the entire AC unit coming or shipping in one box, although it could.

  • Four Faqs Regarding AC Replacement

    21 August 2018

    If you have noticed this past summer that your air conditioner has not been running as well as it did previously, or it's been harder to keep your home cool, you may wonder whether or not it needs to be replaced. If you're considering AC replacement, here are the answers to four frequently asked questions to help you make the right decision. What Are Some Signs My Air Conditioner Needs to Be Replaced?

  • Beat The Heat: Three Cool Tips For Your A/C Unit This Summer

    11 July 2018

    Summer heat is no joke. Some days, it seems like it is impossible to find comfort as the temperatures soar higher and higher. Being indoors is as unbearable as being outdoors if you aren't lucky enough to own an air conditioning unit. Those who do own A/C units know what utter bliss it is to have one in their house. If you want your home to stay nice and cool, then you need to make sure that the A/C unit is running properly.

  • Is A Slab Leak Causing Your Water Bill To Spike?

    15 June 2018

    Have you been making yourself crazy trying to figure out why your water bills have gone through the roof all of a sudden? If the water bill has spiked and you didn't do something like fill a swimming pool, then you probably have a leak somewhere that needs to be identified and repaired. If you've looked for water damage trying to detect where the leak has sprung and have found nothing, there's a good chance that the leak is under the concrete slab under your home—commonly referred to as a slab leak.