Patching an Old HVAC System
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Patching an Old HVAC System

When I married my husband ten years ago, I reluctantly agreed to move into the older brick home he already owned. I knew the house was outdated. Unfortunately, I didn’t have any experience renovating an older place. Immediately, I noticed the old central air conditioning unit in the home. After thoroughly inspecting the equipment, I was afraid the ancient unit wouldn’t make it through my first summer in my new place. Thankfully, I was wrong. After ten years, this same air conditioning system is still running smoothly. However, it has received some diligent care from a reputable HVAC contractor over the years. On this blog, you will discover the ways an HVAC contractor can restore an older air conditioning unit.


Patching an Old HVAC System

How To Fix Your Lagging Air Conditioner

Mary Gonzalez

After years of normal usage, you might notice that you air conditioner is lagging. This could be due to a failing air conditioning motor. If this is the case, you will probably need to invest in a new unit. Before you make this big investment, you should run a couple of checks to see if you can improve your AC efficiency without replacing it. Here are 3 things you should do to improve your AC unit.

Clean the Air Registers

The first thing to do is clean your air registers. You need to remove the registers from the wall in order to clean them well. This is very easy if you have a cordless power drill because most registers have just 2 screws. When the registers are removed, you can clean them by soaking them in your sink with dish soap. If you have wooden registers you will obviously not want to soak them in water. Instead, just clean them with a wet rag. If you have clogged vents, you will notice significantly stronger airflow after they are cleaned.

This simple upgrade will only take a couple hours, but it could significantly improve the efficiency of your AC unit. Clogged registers could put undue stress on your unit, causing it to use more energy and be much less efficient. So, cleaner registers could immediately improve the output and efficiency of your unit.

Clean the Ducts

While the registers are removed from the wall you should clean the ducts. Inspect the ridge around the edge of the duct where it meets the wall. dust and dirt can build up along this ridge, especially if registers were clogged. If you notice a lot of dust and dirt deep inside your ducts, you should call in a duct cleaning specialist.

Clean your Condenser Coils

Another important thing to do it make sure your AC unit has clean condenser coils. The coils are the aluminum ridges that line the outside of the unit. They are protected by the AC casing, but they can still get clogged and dirty over time. You can easily clean them out by spraying them down with a hose. Just make sure that you unplug the power supply beforehand. Cleaner coils make it possible for the unit to soak in more air and convert it into colder air.

These three simple cleanings could make your AC unit much more efficient.  For more information, contact local technicians like Dodds Heating & Cooling.